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Strategic innovation

Stay ahead of your competitors by innovating in a much smarter and effective way

In an increasingly complex world it is essential for companies and brands to adapt to the speed of change, and to create a competitive advantage by launching relevant and sustainable innovative services and products in an efficient way. Learn how to do this in this free webinar.

In the past, innovation processes were time consuming and often ineffective. Design thinking has transformed the focus of both research and innovation and has allowed to develop relevant & human centric innovations for long term success at a much faster pace. Rather than focusing on the product or marketing, the focus should be on the consumer and the user experience from the beginning and build everything from there. Rather than developing something in a linear fashion with a validation at the end, customer feedback should be collected early on, and potential solutions adapted along the way.

Learn how to innovate in a much smarter and effective way to stay ahead of your competitors.


What will you find out?


  • How design thinking transforms the focus of both research and innovation

How agile design thinking processes and research methods lead to relevant solutions

  • How to fill the innovation pipeline from a consumer centric viewpoint and create strategical or tactical platforms tapping into specific consumer tensions or needs
  • How to create as many ideas as possible - regardless of their feasibility - that offer a solution to the detected needs or tensions
  • How to identify desirable, feasible and viable solutions

Case studies

  • Presentation of concrete case studies and examples


Who can attend?

The training is aimed at insights professionals and marketers that are looking for more time and cost effective ways to bring innovative solutions to the market.


Practical details



English or Dutch 



23th of April 2023
11:30-12:30 (GMT+1)


>> Participation is free <<


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