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The power of natural energy in an untouched market

How Zyla – the Spadel energy drink with 3 levels – came to be

In a world where the demand for natural products is continuously growing, Spadel – a leading producer of mineral waters and healthy beverages – identified the potential need for developing a new generation of energy drinks that not only provide energy but also embrace naturalness. Together with One Inch Whale, they embarked on this journey by thoroughly exploring market needs. This culminated in the triumphant launch of products that generates energy in a natural way: the Zyla drinks.

Exploring needs
Initially, we traversed the market, felt the pulse of the consumer, and discovered a growing demand for energy drinks based on natural origin ingredients. It soon became clear that consumers often perceive many energy drinks as quite chemical, not only in terms of taste but especially due to the ingredients and energy boosters they contain. By closely listening to both loyal users and potential new customers in Belgium, the Netherlands, and France, we identified a clear need for different levels of energy, ranging from immediate energy boosts to increased focus and overall vitality.


Testing concepts and prototypes
With these insights in mind, we continued working with Spadel to forge various concepts. These ideas were then presented again to a large selection of the target audience. From those results emerged a clearly winning concept. 

Based on the valuable feedback from the respondents and Spadel's profound knowledge of natural ingredients, the winning concept was translated into tangible prototypes and then subjected to extensive taste tests by consumers in both Belgium and France. By listening to their findings and insights, the energy drinks were perfected down to the smallest details. The birth of the current Zyla offering came about: a new generation of refreshing energy drinks.


Bringing products to market
By first closely listening to consumer needs, we worked with natural origin ingredients. This led to an innovative solution that meets the growing demand for natural alternatives within the energy drinks market. Thanks to this in-depth market research, needs were identified, and products were created that perfectly align with consumer needs. And so, a fruitful collaboration results in the successful development of the 3-level Zyla energy drinks, now available everywhere.

Are you interested to know more about this case study? Are you curious about how One Inch Whale can help identify consumer needs in an untouched market? Feel free to contact us for an exploratory discussion.

And in the meantime, shop Zyla Boost, Zyla Focus and Zyla Vitality in your local supermarket. Or meet the friendly Zyla sloth and it's products via