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Strategic innovation

Many companies and brands compete in a shark infested red ocean with similar products and services, ignoring the blue ocean surrounding it. We help clients to discover the blue ocean, developing relevant & human centric value propositions for long term success.

Customer journey mapping

Every touchpoint in the customer journey is a moment of truth that makes or breaks the customer experience. By walking in the customer’s shoes, we tell their story and map their journey every step of the way. If you get the customer journey right, you can improve and optimize the experience and conversion at each point in the journey.

Marketing mix optimisation

We help companies to maximize their returns by creating and determining compelling designs, brands, packs and ads. Our groundbreaking approach “Research & Visual Nudging” combines market research and color science to map unconscious consumer behavior and indicate how you can influence this behavior with the right visual communication and hierarchy.

Brand purpose guidance

Successful, sustainable companies are often supported by a strong purpose. Purpose can be defined as the value that the organization or company creates for its customers, society or the planet. Purpose gives meaning to a company, its services or products, and has a great connecting power. At One Inch Whale we provide advice on the strategic positioning of companies and brands and help getting their purpose sharp.

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