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Our beliefs


Why does One Inch Whale exist?

Now that disruption has become the new normal, we felt that a new paradigm is needed for companies to be relevant and sustainable. The increasing demand for faster, better and cheaper solutions in the insights industry has encouraged us to solve the seemingly contradictory balance between agility and depth.

Always sharp, never shallow.

Always Sharp,

We like to cut to the chase.
We value simplicity and agility, and are focused on providing clear and actionable advise.

Never Shallow.

We pride ourselves on being authentic,
on diving as deep as we can for every project we take on, thanks to our tenacious dedication and relentless curiosity.

We understand what people truly need by leveraging existing knowledge and data, and using research as a means to an end, to fill the knowledge gaps.

Behavioural economics is our guide, context our king and innovation our passion.

Behavioural economics

People are predictably irrational and often take unconscious and emotional choices. We try to understand the mechanisms behind people’s choices and use behavioral economics as a frame of reference to capture the ‘why’. Because behind the why lies the source of innovation. In our methods, we will always incorporate this belief, preferring behavioral and observational approaches above lengthy questionnaires full of irrelevant questions that respondents are not able to answer truthfully. 


Most decision-making and preferences are ultimately context dependent. People evaluate options in the context of other options. The willingness to pay for an expensive product might increase if you put even more expensive options next to it. Marketers know this all too well when they are framing offers in such a way and nudge consumers towards specific options. We believe that true understanding requires adopting a contextual lens. This means that in-the-moment, ethnographic and immersive approaches are key.


We’ll look into business questions from a different perspective and build partnerships with all relevant stakeholders as we believe that innovation is a collaborative experience that doesn’t exist without imagination. We keep track of the latest technology and insert innovative approaches that aim to deliver sharp solutions and speed up the innovation.