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Meet the pod

Wim Hamaekers

Jasper Scheir

Karine Steculorum
Creative Director

Valerie Vanherle
Project Enabler

Christel Verwoerd,
Strategy & Insights Lead

Kato Trappers
Graphic Designer

Massimo Cealti
Expert Sensory Research

At One Inch Whale, we dare to swim against the tide in the world of research & insights.
That's why we are always on the lookout for bold individuals seeking a new challenge.

Do you want to truly make a difference in the realm of consumer insights and market research?
Feel free to take a look at the following job openings.


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Exclusive partnership

a joint venture between One Inch Whale & iVisual

Research & visual nudging combines market research and colour science to predict consumer behaviour and nudge purchasing decisions to boost the performance of companies and brands.

Colour and its associations play a key factor in the decision-making process, but are heavily underestimated by many companies. iVisual is the first company in the world that specializes in the predictive role of colour in communication, packaging, branding, etc. In combination with market research and One Inch Whale’s unique approach we manage to provide even more relevant and strategic advice to brands and companies regarding their visual identity.