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B2B company finds value in market research

The successful approach of BENEO

In the world of B2B companies, market research has become an indispensable tool to build a solid foundation for strategic decision-making. An excellent example of how this process is paying off can be found at BENEO, a leading actor in the international food industry. Their seamless collaboration with One Inch Whale illustrates the power of strategic market research and its impact on both their own business and that of their customers.

As a producer of functional ingredients, BENEO is known worldwide for its dedication to promoting healthy food choices, especially in the area of plant-based nutrition and health benefits. As a subsidiary of the Südzucker Group, it plays a vital role in making and supplying functional ingredients to food manufacturers around the world. The company is actively involved in supporting manufacturers in developing new products using their high-quality ingredients.


From gut feeling to gut health

One of BENEO's notable areas of focus is prebiotics, a category of nutrients with significant health benefits. Although prebiotics are becoming increasingly popular, their understanding among consumers is not yet as widespread as that of probiotics. Prebiotics stimulate the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, leading to a healthier gut flora and a reduction in potentially harmful bacteria. Myriam Snaet, Head of Market Intelligence & Consumer Insights at BENEO, stresses the importance of effective communication about the functional ingredients: "With digestive health being a big driver in the food sector, prebiotics are an effective way to tap into one of the most powerful food trends. " Therefore, BENEO approached One Inch Whale to explore how they can effectively communicate the concept of prebiotics to consumers.

Research & insights

During the research, both qualitative and quantitative aspects were thoroughly investigated. In the first, qualitative part, an in-depth understanding of the target group was gained and product descriptions were developed with customers. 

Respondents were involved to provide feedback on the descriptions, resulting in refinement and optimisation. Then the second, quantitative part included further development and testing of the most promising product descriptions with a broader target group. For this, a total of 9,243 consumers in nine countries were surveyed. It revealed that communication was a crucial factor. Namely, making the benefits of prebiotics understandable to consumers proved essential. With these results, BENEO and their clients obtained a clear direction for effective communication and product development.


Supporting B2B relationship

BENEO supports its customers not only by supplying high-quality ingredients, but also by providing the insights and knowledge needed to develop new products. This partnership goes beyond supply; it is about working together on innovation. Sharing market research results with clients builds trust and demonstrates that food ingredients manufacturers are proactively working to support their customers and provide them with the most relevant products and strategies. This enables them to manage their operations more effectively and adapt to changing market conditions. It leads to long-term and successful professional relationships.

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