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Handmade vegan cinnamonrolls with a purpose

Crystallise the purpose, future-proof the brand peas and sharpen its visual identity.

Peas is a Belgian brand of handmade vegan cinnamonrolls with a shop in Hasselt. Its founders Els and Davy created peas because they believe that plant-based food has a smaller ecological footprint and is at least as tasty as food of animal origin. From far and wide people come to peas to enjoy their delicious cinnamonrolls. The momentum is there for Els and Davy to roll-out the peas brand towards other cities in Belgium and Europe. One Inch Whale is proud to be part of this adventure by helping peas to crystallise its purpose, future-proof the brand and sharpen its visual identity.

If brands want to be successful, they should know why they exist beyond being just profitable. People buy brands because of specific functional or emotional benefits the brand has to offer.

However, brands that also care about social issues and want to be part of the solution, have an advantage over other brands. Peas truly is one of those brands with an enormous potential. We’re grateful to be able to contribute to their success. 

Are you interested to know more about this case study? Are you curious to know how One Inch Whale can help to shape your brand purpose and future? Feel free to contact us to have a purpose driven chat.    


And in the meantime, check out peas on Instagram, order their rolls (, indulge yourself & get the conversation started for a better world.