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The 3 must-knows about AI in research & insights

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undeniably one of the fastest-growing domains globally at the moment, and this holds true for the research and insights world. But is it a boon or a threat to our industry? The answer lies in our ability to embrace AI as a valuable ally rather than viewing it as a threat. Here are the essential points you need to know about AI in our field, according to the insights from MIE '24.

AI acts as our co-pilot, enabling us to conduct research more efficiently. It not only assists in drafting questionnaires, analyzing data, and creating reports but also in translating data into compelling narratives. Even in qualitative research, we witness the emergence of 'robot' moderators on digital platforms, facilitating human moderation and helping researchers to pose targeted questions more rapidly. However, human empathy remains crucial for profound insights. By deploying AI effectively, our research becomes not only faster but also more valuable, as we can focus more on critically examining and selecting information to derive meaningful insights.

AI facilitates the integration of various data sources and data points, allowing us to leverage existing knowledge optimally before embarking on new market research. By integrating external reports, proprietary research data, and corporate information, we can generate insights more efficiently. AI breaks down the silos in which data were previously confined, making information readily available, editable, and disseminated, resulting in sharper and more profound insights. This aligns perfectly with One Inch Whale's mission to be "Always sharp, Never shallow".

The evolution of AI is happening at a breakneck pace. New software platforms powered by AI emerge daily, and generative AI becomes increasingly powerful due to the growing number of trained data models. It is essential to keep abreast of developments and continue experimenting actively. For instance, at MIE, Heineken presented how they integrated AI into all stages of research in 2023 under the motto 'Building the plane as we fly.' It is crucial to engage with AI, conduct experiments, and enlist external experts to seamlessly implement AI within the organization. 

Conclusion: Disruptive change through AI in research

The rise of AI signifies a turning point in how we approach research and insights. As a 'co-pilot,' AI will transform our research approach, combining efficiency, depth, and innovation. Looking ahead, we will witness a disruptive change in our research methods, where AI not only supports but becomes an integral part of creating valuable insights for organizations.

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