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Launch of One Inch Whale

One Inch Whale swims against the tide, and helps companies to be relevant and sustainable by providing deep insights in a sharp way.

Today, Wim Hamaekers and Jasper Scheir launch One Inch Whale, an insights consultancy company that helps people and brands to be relevant and sustainable. “Companies want to make a profit. This will be easier if they tap into specific needs and translate their mission through the whole range of products or services. With One Inch Whale, we want to provide strategic advice on how to be relevant at any time of the customer journey. We do this by working with existing data and knowledge, applying the principles of behavioral economics, and using additional research." says Jasper Scheir. “Through daily practice and as an Esomar representative, the World Research Organization, I know how important it is to really listen to the client and her challenges.

New technologies and methods must be used in function of the mission and the research questions of the client, but research should not be an end in itself.” says Wim Hamaekers. Wim and Jasper felt that a new paradigm was needed to assist companies in their mission. “Always Sharp, Never Shallow” tells you exactly what they want to do: efficiently acquire deep insights and translate them into actionable recommendations as sharply as possible.

Wim and Jasper are no strangers to the insights industry and they have a lot of experience on both the client and agency side. Until recently, as managing partners, they contributed to the success of the market research firm Haystack and with their enthusiasm and talent, they grew this small player into one of the most innovative agencies worldwide. “We felt that the momentum was there to swim against the tide, and to start up a contemporary, new and agile company. With One Inch Whale, we are confident that we can really make a difference by tapping into all available knowledge, research and digital solutions. This way we can help companies to reconnect with their mission, and to be relevant and sustainable.” Wim concludes.

One Inch Whale has a distinct growth ambition, and together with an extensive network of senior professionals, it aims to focus on companies worldwide that want to revisit their brand strategy, innovations and go-to-market shopper strategy.