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Get your teeth into your brand strategy and market positioning

How an SME comes to a (new) brand key

Before you realise it, your business is growing completely out of control. What can then happen is that your services no longer match your label or your brand name no longer frames your business. It happened to Yves Peeters of Bitemark, the rebranded YPconsilium. Together with One Inch Whale, he took a close look at his company's purpose. It soon became clear that - even as an SME - you should get stuck into a good brand key and market positioning...

YP bites off
YPconsilium came into being after Yves Peeters, the brand's so-called YP, decided to pump his decades of expertise at giants into his own business. Soon, his business was expanding not only by increasing the number of employees, but also with the range of customers offered. Whereas it initially identified itself only as an IT specialist in project and change management, it later chose to offer a wide range of online marketing as well. So the flag no longer covered the load and, as a small company, Peeters no longer wanted to bite the dust when it came to market positioning against the competition. Time, therefore, for a repositioning of the YPconsilium brand.


From YPconsilium to Bitemark
What the organisation actually wants to stand for, Peeters dared to wonder aloud. Based on the foundation laid by One Inch Whale, Bitemark was able to get digital growth to its clients in an impactful way. Based on qualitative in-depth interviews and workshops, a plan of action emerged. This established all the values of the brand, ranging from core competencies to the distinctiveness of the company, to finally come to the brand key for the 'new' brand. With One Inch Whale's input, the company was able to shift from a previously internally focused position to an external positioning which is future-oriented and also much more in line with the current needs of the market.

Bitemark’s branding
Peeters immediately put his teeth into the recommendations that emerged from the study and integrated it into a new brand name with its own distinctiveness. Henceforth, the IT/marketing team is armed to the teeth with the 'Bitemark' brand. YP: "The new brand fully reflects our core values, which also makes it attractive to prospective new employees and customers. The name Bitemark indicates that we are committed to our clients' digital growth, that we never give up and always ensure visible results."

Market research also for SMEs
By establishing a compelling brand purpose and by embodying it in every aspect of your business, your company can achieve long-term sustainability. Regardless of how big your brand or company is. Living and working in line with your brand purpose strengthens your organisation's position both now and in the future, and creates a foundation for meaningful entrepreneurship. Bite into it right now!

Want to know more about this case study? Wondering how One Inch Whale can sharpen your brand identity to become more sustainable in your industry? Feel free to contact us for an exploratory discussion.


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