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Adopt a whale

Why are whales the new trees?

Did you know that the whale is going to solve global warming? And that because they… poop. Wait, we understand this requires some explanation. Let’s have a look at some of the conclusions from a United Nations report.

Feeding with poo

Whales feed the life that feeds them. They are mammals, so they have to go to the surface to breathe. But on that same surface, they also go to the toilet. Their feces are rich in iron and nitrogen. Let those be the ingredients that phytoplankton needs. Phytoplankton is a collective name for miniscule algae that grow in the ocean. They are very small microscopic cells that take CO2 from the air as a food source. When the plankton eventually dies, it sinks to the seabed. In other words, they take CO2 out of the atmosphere and bury it deep in the earth. That carbon is then stored on the seabed for hundreds of thousands of years.

Save the planet
The lung of the Earth

Phytoplankton also produces oxygen. More than 50% of all oxygen on earth is produced by vegetable plankton. The lung of the earth can therefore be found on the surface of the ocean, where the plankton survives. If there were a 1% increase in plankton, hundreds of millions of CO2 could be stored on the seabed. Conclusion: the more whales poop, the better that phytoplankton grows and that is – hold on – the largest producer of oxygen or Earth.

Save the whale

We don't want to go too short, because it's actually a whole system that's connected to each other. This story goes so much further and these are just some of the benefits. But everything starts with the whale. So the best strategy to address climate change is to get whales healthy again and back to their original population of 4 to 5 million, where it was before the commercial fishing. Now there are fewer than 1 million whales and most are in poor health because the oceans are so polluted.

Whales are the new trees

We only have one message to give to help mother earth. Plant trees! And save whales (and their poo)! Because “one whale is worth more than a thousand trees” according to the International Monetary Fund.



That's why we set our new year's resolutions in 2022 to… save whales. How? (Read below)

By symbolically adopting them.

For every successfully launched project, we will adopt one whale for one year! Adopting a whale makes an incredible difference and helps to save them from the many dangers that threaten them, or to fund scientific studies and campaigns. And the client of course will receive an official adoption certificate. 

Will you help? Because in the waves of change, we find (y)our true direction!