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Case two

Research & Visual Nudging: Creating a new and impactful visual brand identity matching the brand purpose for a global consumer battery producer

The challenge

  • Create a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging delivering on the promise of being the highest performing battery brand around, in line with the brand purpose  
  • Optimize the consumer experience 

What did we do:

  • Color audit on the brand’s and competitors’ current packaging and visual identity 
  • Creation of a certified color identity 
  • Predictive intelligence & eye-tracking engine to select the best performing packaging routes  
  • Monadic packaging test to validate the performance of the new packs against the current   


  • Creation of a new, sustainable and eco-friendly pack design, outperforming the previous packaging in terms of consumer experience, understanding, sales volume and value 

“In my career of +20 years in marketing, I have never seen an approach and packaging study that was so to-the-point and clear as yours, and I have seen a lot. I’m happy to call you our number 1 strategic research partner.” 

VP Sales & Marketing, Battery Producer

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