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Case three

From identifying unmet needs to creating winning products ready for launch in less than 4 months for an international beverage company

The challenge

  • Explore ideas, identify and shape a winning line extension 
  • Co-create a scalable prototype ready for launch 

What did we do:

  • Digital qualitative consumer connects 
  • Co-creation sessions involving key internal stakeholders & consumers to select and create potential winning concepts 
  • Behavioural conjoint experiment, to assess market potential 
  • Contextual product testing & sensory profiling 
  • Vickrey auction to assess pack, claim and pricing potential 
  • Predictive intelligence & eye-tracking engine 


  • Creation and validation of a winning premium value proposition from idea up to go-to-market in less than 4 months time 

“In a world that is increasingly complex and a need to speed-up innovations, One Inch Whale helped us to find the right balance between in-depth insights and agile methods. It’s amazing what we’ve accomplished together in such a short time span.”  

Director Marketing, International Beverage Company 

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