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Case one

Fueling & guiding the long-term innovation strategy and process for a food company

The challenge

  • Fill innovation pipeline with new and fresh ideas to grow
  • Need of a structured approach to identify, select or improve product or business model ideas
  • Tap into relevant macro and micro trends

What did we do:

  • Revisiting existing data and research reports
  • Filled the knowledge gaps with extensive trends analysis
  • Qualitative social listening: gathering insights without asking questions
  • Food expert interviews
  • Stakeholder co-creation workshops


  • Identification of 8 relevant strategic platforms
  • Creation of 100+ product ideas tapping into relevant consumer tensions & needs
  • Optimisation of innovation decision matrix

“If you want to innovate in a sustainable & relevant way, you need a strong partner that brings expertise tailored to your specific needs & company culture. In One Inch Whale we found this partnership.”

Head of R&D, Snack Food Company

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