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Brand purpose

Meaningful business: define the purpose of your business. The first step in the process of sustainable entrepreneurship.

If you want to successfully evolve towards a sustainable business, it is crucial to first focus on your business' purpose. Learn how to do this in this free webinar.

Partly as a result of the corona crisis, many companies have come to realise that humanity is very fragile and the way we do business and the associated pressure on society, people and the planet has become very high. The number of companies that resolutely opt for sustainable business is increasing day by day. But how do you get started?

Often, the focus is on one or more components of United Nations sustainable goals, depending on the feasibility within the company. This is absolutely a good thing. But if you want to evolve successfully into a sustainable enterprise, it is important to focus on your purpose, in other words, the reason for your company's existence. Only then will you be able to bring your entire company, internal and external stakeholders, into the story.

Learn how to sharpen your positioning, mission and brand purpose and how to stay ahead of your competitors.


What will you find out?


  • The importance of sustainable business for long-term success.
  • Positioning and the importance of a strong mission and purpose in the increasingly complex and challenging world.

Towards a focus on brand purpose, positioning and mission!

  • Prepare your company for the long term NOW with a sharp brand purpose. What is a brand purpose and why is it important to do real sustainable business?
  • How to achieve a brand purpose and a more sustainable business.
  • The brand key as a guideline to get to the brand essence and brand purpose
    • Elements of the Brand key
    • The visual brand identity grafted onto the brand key & brand purpose
    • Practical exercise: elaboration of the brand key
  • Mapping the implications for the entire company

Next steps. Drawing up a long-term step-by-step plan

  • The roadmap
  • The importance of internal and external communication of the brand purpose.


Who can attend?

The training is aimed at entrepreneurs, brand an corporate marketing managers who are in the process of starting a more sustainable business and want to redesign their business step by step towards greater sustainability. The participants should have a strong commitment to the process of sustainable business in their organisation.


Practical details






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