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Behavioural Economics

In a world with so many choices, it’s important to understand why people make the decisions they do. The fact is all of us all tend to make emotional, unconscious decisions. And yet it’s often tough explaining why we have made those decisions. One Inch Whale uses the principles of Behavioral Economics as its starting point and frame of reference to capture the ‘Why’, because behind the why lies the source of innovation.


It is a generally accepted fact that most decision- making and preferences are ultimately context dependent. At One Inch Whale, we believe that true understanding requires adopting a contextual lens. This means that in-the-moment, ethnographic and immersive approaches are key.


We’ll bring a breathe of fresh air to your business questions and our innovative approach will aim to deliver a sharp solution. And no matter whether you need social listening, passive metering, biometrics, or some kind of a digital approach, we only partner with the very best.

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