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One Inch Whale Partners

Research & Visual Nudging

a joint venture between One Inch Whale & Color Navigator

Research & Visual Nudging combines market research and color science to predict consumer behavior and nudge purchasing decisions to boost the performance of companies and brands.

Color and its associations play a key factor in the decision-making process, but are heavily underestimated by many companies. Color Navigator is the first company in the world that specializes in the predictive role of color in communication, packaging, branding, etc. In combination with market research and One Inch Whale’s unique approach we manage to provide even more relevant and strategic advice to brands and companies regarding their visual identity.

Massimo Cealti

Massimo is a research and insights expert with 30 years practice in consumer, market and sensory research. He has successfully managed international leadership roles in consumer and market insights for Symrise (flavors and fragrances) and food and beverage companies such as the Coca-Cola Company, Nestlé Waters and McDonald’s.

He has published numerous industry papers and is a popular keynote speaker at research conferences worldwide.

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